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Resume writing is an art form. You need to ensure what you put in your resume makes you 100% employable, whilst also being 100% accurate. Some short tips for resume writing:

1: Determine your job search objective before writing your resume
Write your resume with a clear objective in mind – structure and prioritise your content around the objective so that you come across as focussed.
2. Lead with your strengths
Resumes are typically viewed in 30 seconds, so present the points that strongly support the position you are applying for. You should present your strengths first where they are more likely to be read.
3. Use bullet sentences
Avoid presenting your content in lengthy sentences in the body of your resume, use short sentences and bullets instead. This format makes it easier for the reader to quickly scan through your resume and still absorb it.
4. Quantify using #’s, $’s, %’s, etc.
Numbers, dollars and percentages will stand out in your resume and will give a vivid picture of your responsibilities and accomplishments. Example: “Managed a department of 10 staff with a budget of $300,000.”
5. Use action and power words
If there are terms that represent competence in your field, use them in the body of your resume. Example: Instead of “I was responsible for training my department’s retail staff”, use “Oversaw departmental On-the-Job Training to ensure consistency in high service standards.”
6. Construct your resume for easy reading
After you have finished your resume, do not send it out just yet. Get someone to review it and provide feedback – have you missed out anything? Are there any areas you could improve on? Is the resume easy to read? Make the necessary improvements and review it once more before submitting to your prospective employers.

We have designed the following template as a guide for resume writing:

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